Web 2.Obama

2 03 2007

Ever since former President Bill Clinton blew his sax on The Arsenio Hall Show and talked about his boxers on MTV, presidential hopefuls have attempted to reach out to their young constituents with mixed results. With more than 600 days until the election, the race is heating up not only in your town but in your MySpace. That is where TechPresident.com comes in.

TechPresident.com has gathered all the information on how technology will play a role in this upcomming election. In what might be seen as the first running tally of how many babies a candidate has kissed, TechPresident.com promises to cover the following topics:

A daily digest of fresh news clips, blog posts and campaign initiatives
Live from-the-campaign-trail photo feeds created by voters
Campaign website reviews
Links to campaign ads and websites (official and unofficial)
Charts showing who’s winning the most friends on MySpace and Facebook
Detailed tracking of incoming blog links showing who’s hot and why [to come]
Up-down voting on each candidate [to come]

A searchable repository of emails from each campaign [to come]

It remains to be seen if this is just another gauge of general popularity and not a snapshot of how a candidate turns new media into something concrete. Would an online faux pas affect a candidate in the real world? Just how many MySpace friends does it take to win an election? I guess we’ll see in ’08 or is it 2.0