Jury Awards Verizon $58 Million in Vonage Suit

8 03 2007

It what could have wide ranging effects on VOIP providers, a jury ordered Vonage to pay out $58 million dollars to Verizon in its patent case. Vonage was found guilty of infringing on 3 of the 7 patents Verizon originaly sued on. Verizon originally asked for $197 million in damages. The Judge may issue an injunction but that will be decided in the next two weeks. Vonage has announced they will appeal and that thier customers will not see a change in service.

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2 responses

8 03 2007

I’m not expecting Vonage to stick around, but I can see this paving the way for other providers though.

The only way Vonage can pull through is if they come up with their own protocols real quick.

I still don’t like the patent system.

8 03 2007
Jason Williams

Hey Mike, fancy seeing you around here. So how do you like the place so far?

As far as your comment… I’d almost bet money on Vonage working something out but I’d hate to be holding their stock right about now. The patent lawsuits are getting out of hand I agree.

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