Couchville: If Google Maps Were TV Listings

7 03 2007

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does one thing and it does it well. SnapStream, the company behind PC DVR program BeyondTV, has ventured out into the intertubes to bring you a simple, working, online tv listings guide. Just plug in your zip code, select your provider, and off you go into channel surfing bliss. Couchville doesn’t try to muddle up its offering by adding unnecessary features.

After entering your initial information you are greeted with an Ajaxian interface that allows you to drag your listings in any direction -ala Google Maps. A vertical red line indicates the current time on the grid. You may configure your listings by hiding the channels you never watch but its probably more useful just to star programs that are your favorites. There is a search at the top that you can use to find a program and all related information, although it seems to need some refining.

Clicking on a program brings up its “tv show page” which lists a description of the show and future showings of it. Using Beyond TV collected data, Couchville also ranks shows according to number of dvr downloads. SnapStream also hints at a future “blurring of the lites” between its two offerings.

The only question is, does it work? Precisely, and thats all it needs to do. It is after all just a TV listing.

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7 03 2007

Found this website the other day….I think from Download Squad or somewhere. It’s probably the cleanest and most effective look at TV listings. I hardly use TV Guide online, or meevee any more. They are cluttered and slow.

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